Even DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier says Civilians Should Shoot Mass Public Shooters "Before Police Can Get There"

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DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier on 60 Minutes about active shooters --   "If you're in a position to try to take the gunman out, it's the best option for saving lives before police can get there."  Yet, according to Emily Miller, the chief investigative reporter for Fox News Channel 5 in DC, DC has only granted 45 concealed handgun permits.



Blogger Georg Felis said...

Hey, Chief. Does this mean that if a citizen carrying a firearm (illegally, since you don't like to give citizens the right to bear arms) were to shoot a murderous individual with an AK and a few hundred rounds of ammo blazing away in the middle of a bunch of innocent victims, that you would then pat this brave citizen on the back and declare what a good person he was?

Somehow, I doubt it. Odds are anybody who shoots a mass murderer in your city would see nothing but bars and prosecution.

11/28/2015 1:29 AM  

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