97% of Coronavirus deaths in Louisiana had pre-existing conditions

As of Thursday, April 2nd, 97% of the 310 Coronavirus deaths in Louisiana had pre-existing conditions.
Some 97% of those killed by COVID-19 in Louisiana had a pre-existing condition, according to the state health department. Diabetes was seen in 40% of the deaths, obesity in 25%, chronic kidney disease in 23% and cardiac problems in 21%.  
Orleans Parish, which encompasses the city, reported 125 confirmed coronavirus deaths as of Thursday, the equivalent of 32 coronavirus deaths per 100,000 people. That rate for New York City was at 15.9 on Thursday. 
As of Monday, April 6th,
As of Monday, 512 people have died in Louisiana from the new coronavirus. The most common pre-existing conditions in those patients were:
- Hypertension (66.4%)
- Diabetes (43.5%)
- Chronic kidney disease (25.1%)
- Obesity (24.7%)
More info on Louisiana available here and here.



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