At Fox News: "A Women's March on the NRA - but do they represent a woman's view on guns?"

I have a new piece at Fox News about the claim that there is a "women's view" on guns.
But Donald Trump received a respectable 42 percent of the women’s vote, so it’s hard to say that there is “a women’s view” on guns. 
According to an Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll from early last year, 49 percent of married women say that they or someone in their home owns a gun.  A new PEW survey shows that 40 percent of women generally live in a home with a gun, and that almost a quarter of women personally own a gun.  But even for those women who don’t own a gun, 45 percent say that they could see themselves as owning one at some point. 
Among female gun owners, 71 percent told PEW that they own a gun for protection, 40 percent say that all or most of their friends own guns, and 29 percent say they keep a loaded gun that is always easily accessible. 
A 2014 PEW poll found that women view gun ownership positively.  By a 51 to 43 percent margin they said that gun ownership is more likely to protect people from being crime victims than it is to put people’s safety at risk.  Women were more supportive of gun control than men were (54 percent for women and 37 percent for men), but women are also much more likely than men to cite violence in television and movies as contributing at least a fair amount to gun violence (64 percent vs 46 percent).  They were also far more likely to cite violence in video games as a contributing factor (70 percent vs 49 percent). 
So why aren’t these women marching today against violence in media and video games?  There is much more of a “women’s view” on that issue than on gun control. 
Polls likely understate women’s gun ownership rates. . . .
The rest of the piece is available here.



Blogger FZ said...

I love how they criticize the NRA for not immediately jumping to conclusions in the Castile shooting as if immediate conclusions about police shootings are always accurate. (Micheal Brown *cough* *cough*.)

7/16/2017 2:50 PM  

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