Amazon review of new book claiming that James Buchanan was a racist and thus trying to tar conservatives who have similar views as racist

I rarely put up book reviews that I have posted on Amazon.com, but this new book. "Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America," so incenses me that I wanted to put a link here.  The claim is essentially that since Buchanan supported school choice that was a way of hurting blacks in public schools.  It is bizarre that so many liberals have absolutely no idea what motivates people on the other side of the debate.  I hope that this review gets listed at the top of the reviews on this book.


Blogger August said...

They do this all the time. I'm surprised you didn't find this unremarkable.
They will always say we are racist. Especially when we have a good argument. Standard communist tactic. Also convenient for stupid people who can't argue the logic, but want to be disagree just because you are white.

6/22/2017 4:50 PM  

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