So the Federal Government requires that you have to have one of three types of photo IDs to use PayPal, but you don't need an ID to vote

PayPal is requiring this photo ID because of federal regulations.  Even the states that have photo voter ID regulations aren't this restrictive in limiting you to so few types of IDs.  Yet, the Federal government has no problem requiring this to use PayPal.  Presumably the government is worried about people trying to cheat the government out of tax revenue.  So why isn't the government equally worried about vote fraud?



Blogger Carteach said...

There is an assumption here that Paypal is being truthful in saying it's a Federal regulation. After being hit with this 'requirement' numerous times in the same year by Paypal, I came to believe it was simply a scam to hold onto clients money for as long as possible. Paypal refused to detail exactly which Federal regulation required this..... and I personally told them to take their account and stick it.

6/03/2016 6:01 PM  
Blogger Whoopie said...

Recently I bought a new cell phone and had to show photo ID. I had an insurance claim on my home and when I went to deposit the check at my bank, they needed to see photo ID because the check was over $10,000. When I applied for a Google adsense account they needed a photo ID. And when I buy or sell a gun, or a house or a car, same thing.

So why not to cast a vote? Why would that be so much of a burden?

6/04/2016 12:29 PM  

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