Two armed men break into home while mother is breastfeeding, she is wounded but shot back and caused robbers to flee

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North Carolina woman defends herself from two armed men who started firing as soon as they broke into her home. They shot her twice, but she was able to keep her baby safe.
As the intruders broke into the home and opened fire, Bunce fired back with her own weapon.
"I think it was a shock to the intruders just as much as it was to her," her husband, Paul Bunce, told the affiliate.
Her son was unharmed in the shooting, police said. . . .
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have charged Reco Latur Dawkins Jr., 23, with attempted first degree murder, felony breaking and entering and conspiracy in connection to the incident. . . .
One of the two men who broke into Bunce's home, Reco Dawkins, had a long criminal record.


Blogger Jerry The Geek said...

Some people in America are generally dismissive toward folks who keep loaded guns in their homes. Especially homes where children are present. They want the guns to be kept locked up, separate from ammunition, and sometimes even 'rendered unusable" (dismantled).

They think that folks who argue the personal defense value of loaded, functional firearms in the home is not only irresponsible but "silly", because "home invasions almost NEVER HAPPEN!

These people are called "liberals" or "Gun Control Advocates".

Oh the other hand, there are people who take responsibility for the immediate defense of their home and their families in case the unthinkable happens.

These people are either called "Irresponsible Idiots" ..... or "Survivors".

11/15/2015 2:12 AM  

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