How Bloomberg's Everytown discusses gun-free zones: unable to debate the facts, they engage in personal attack

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Gun-free zones are a serious problem. Shannon Watts, the head of Michael Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action, claimed that research that I had done was "wrong and misleading" and that I was "debunked."  When I responded with a point-by-point refutation of her claim, she accused him of being a Twitter "troll."  Watts makes clearly personal attacks, but she feels that it is improper for someone to factually respond to her claims.  She offers no proof for her claim that I am a "gun lobby researcher," falsely implying that I amfunded by the "gun lobby."  Instead of defending her claims about gun-free zones, Shannon moves on to other personal attacks, saying I supposedly bullied a stalking victim.
Debate with Shannon Watts on Twitter
Debate with Shannon Watts on Twitter Response b
Shannon's response w Taylor Woolrich

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