With all this money on a Facebook ad, Bloomberg's Everytown post on Kroger's Open Carry Policy gets just 292 likes

I have been seeing this ad from Bloomberg's Everytown for sometime, so I was pretty stunned when I noticed that as of this afternoon it still only has 292 likes.   The point of the link is to get people to sign a petition that will be delivered to Kroger.  The 279 comments also appear to be overwhelmingly by people who disagree with Everytown.  I have no idea exactly how much money Bloomberg spends on these ads, and I am sure that this is only a tiny amount of money to him.  But for a group that claims to have 2.5 million members, this is a very weak showing.  Of course, this membership number is pretty meaningless as these aren't dues paying members, just people who have agreed to be on Bloomberg's email list.  I assume that a number of those are those who support gun ownership and just want to see what Bloomberg is up to.


Blogger Jerry The Geek said...

I don't do FaceBook. (YECH!)

But I do Krogers ... I live 3 blocks from one of their stores and I spend most of my grocery and "incidentals" shopping there. That adds up to over $2,000 a year in sales .. and they know it, because I enrolled in their 'rewards' program (which nets me 2% return in my purchases, plus more when I buy gasoline from their satellite stations).

Last month, when Krogers announced that they were NOT going to jump on the Blomberg Bandwagon, I sent them an email applauding their decision. My message was that I do NOT shop at stores which have a "NO GUNS ALLOWED" message on their doors.

Sometimes I carry when I shop there, sometimes I don't. They don't know, their customers don't know, when and whether I am carrying under the auspices of my CHL (Concealed Handgun License).

I don't know how many OTHER people have made the effort to reinforce Kroger's responsible policy, because I've asked them (Krogers) not to provide feedback to my message. I don't want them to think that CHL folks are looking for recognition; we just want them to know that their policy is part of WHY we shop there.

NOT because we are carrying and can defend ourselves, but because the publicity has made it a MUCH safer place to shop!

In the words of the Beach Boys: "The Bad Guys know us and they leave us alone .... "

8/08/2015 7:50 AM  

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