Washington Post: "Catholic University student leaders want students to be able to carry guns on campus"

From the Washington Post:
. . . “A resolution in support of student carry” easily passed the school’s student government, the Student Association General Assembly, with a  16 to 11 vote. 
That surprised one of the bill’s sponsors, Matt Hanrahan, a junior majoring in politics. “The gun debate in this country is very polarizing,” he said, “and it’s even more polarizing to talk about firearms on campus.” . . . 
Hanrahan said he’s from Danbury, Conn., about 10 minutes away from Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 children and six adults were shot by a 20-year-old with a gun in December 2012. 
“Since that day I’ve taken school safety very seriously,” he said. 
“We don’t live in the safest place,” he added. “There have been armed robberies in the area around the school. Who knows who can come onto our campus. Metro police could be on campus within minutes, and lock the campus down, but police are only going to be able to react to a situation that has occurred.” But campus police might notice someone who seemed suspicious and be able to prevent problems, he said. 
“My end goal would be to get campus police armed,” Hanrahan said. “For me, you just never know what can happen in today’s society.” . . .



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