Texas House and Senate reach deal to get Campus Carry bill passed

It looked as if the Campus Carry bill in Texas was going to die.  Well, a last minute deal between the state House and Senate appears to have saved it.  From the Austin American-Statesman:
. . .  Apparently out of options in the House, state Rep. Allen Fletcher, R-Cypress, turned to the Senate, where he said he worked out a deal to have campus carry legislation grafted onto another gun bill as an amendment. The move would allow the new combination bill to return to the House, where approval by the Republican majority is expected. 
“If I can get the Senate to send it back over this way, we’ll wrap it up and call it a session,” Fletcher said Wednesday. “It’ll save a lot of time and effort and debate.” 
The first step of the plan took place Wednesday evening when Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick referred House Bill 910, allowing those with a concealed handgun license to openly carry a holstered firearm, to the Senate State Affairs Committee, where it must receive a public hearing and a vote before heading to the full Senate. . . .  
Both gun bills seemed to be stuck at an impasse as the two chambers jockeyed to see which bills moved forward — and who would receive credit for writing gun bills that Gov. Greg Abbott has already promised to sign into law. 
Fletcher said Wednesday’s action, which broke the logjam, came in an agreement with Republican Sens. Brian Birdwell, author of the campus carry bill, and Craig Estes, author of the open carry measure. . . . . 
If House members agree — the open carry bill passed 101-42 last month — the combined bill would be sent to Abbott for his signature.

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Blogger kotetu said...

It's a good day. :)

5/07/2015 3:41 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I would never feel safe in a neighbourhood where I knew there were people who owned guns. I would really start considering house removals provided that I could afford to move away!

1/20/2016 1:26 AM  

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