Mass Public Shooting in Naples, Italy: Killing four (may be five) people and wounding at least five more

It is very unlikely that you have heard of this story.  Article from the UK Daily Mail:
A man armed with a shotgun opened fire in the southern Italian city of Naples, killing four people and wounding at least five more. 
The 48-year-old nurse, Roberto Murolo, killed first his brother and sister-in-law at home, according to Italian police, before killing two more members of the public after he began shooting from the balcony.  
Early reports indicate that he may also have killed his wife in the attack, in the Secondigliano suburb, although these reports have not yet been confirmed.

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Blogger Jerry The Geek said...

I'm curious about your take on this shooting, the consequence of what seem to be merely casual daily annoyances.

Would more stringent gun control laws have prevented it?

Mental Health Intervention?

Familial itervention, in terms of notifying police that the aggressor was deonstrating vague signs of mental imbalance?

Relating this to recent American urges toward laws which might empower police to disarm individuals who are identified by family members as "acteng strangely" .. do you think this might have prevented this tragedy?

Or are we all just a bunch of "Gun Nuts" who can't be trusted; whose imbalances cannot be predicted, and who are liable to "go off half cocked" for no discernable reason?

I don't understand people. Do you?

5/18/2015 12:07 AM  

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