Highlights from the Crime Prevention Research Center's first Annual Dinner: Brad Thor, Katie Pavlich, Glenn Reynolds, Dana Loesch, Ted Nugent, and John Lott

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Pictures and videos from our talks Brad Thor's Talk -- above picture shows Brad cutting up is Illinois Firearm Owner Identification card _MG_0136 g Katie Pavlich's Talk _MG_0146 Katie
 Glenn Reynolds -- Academic of the Year Award Winner _MG_0197 Glenn Reynolds

Dana Loesch's Talk _MG_0204 Dana  

 Ted Nugent's Talk _MG_0285  

John Lott's Talk _MG_0169

 Our auction was run by Tennessee State Representative Judd Matheny _MG_0109 g

 Pictures from the event -- Click on pictures to enlarge
 _MG_0056 _MG_0012 IMG_1960 IMG_1956 _MG_0051 _MG_0019 _MG_0082_MG_999911146487_1078116165539325_1608119815901435018_n IMG_1956



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