Burglar accidentally leaves his iPhone in home, phone gets him caught

Police in the UK use a burglar's iPhone to find out who had committed the crime.  The iPhone even survived the fire that the burglar started.  Talk about incriminating information on the phone.  It also contained info on what the burglar wanted to steal.  From The Argus in Sussex:
A bungling burglar who set fire to a home after losing his mobile left behind key evidence of his name, address and what he planned to steal. 
Tony Bytheway, 40, was high on drugs when he stole thousands of pounds worth of jewellery, watches and laptops as residents were on holiday. 
After realising he had lost his phone during the raid, he set three fires in the hope of destroying evidence before making off in the owner’s Subaru Impreza. 
The McCormack family returned to find their Findon home destroyed and two family pets dead. 
They also discovered an iPhone with the culprit’s name and address, along with details of what he planned to loot, where it was being kept and his accomplices. 
He stole around 200 watches, including a handful of Rolexes, jewellery including a £5,000 diamond eternity ring, Mr McCormack’s grandfather’s war medals, and his daughter’s laptop with all her coursework on February 16, 2014. . . .



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