5 of the US demands that were dropped in negotiations with Iram

5 things that the Obama administration gave in on when they negotiated with Iran.  The agreement doesn't really seem enforceable as we will have to give the Iranians a heads up before any investigations occur.  Summarizing what was in The Hill newspaper and some other sources:

1. Banning uranium enrichment

2. In 2012, Obama promised ending their nuclear program. In 2013, he promised capping centrifuges at 500 to 1,500

what we got was 6,104

3. Shuttering secret nuclear facilities 

President Obama said in December 2013: “They don’t need to have an underground, fortified facility like Fordow in order to have a peaceful nuclear program,.  They certainly don’t need a heavy-water reactor at Arak in order to have a peaceful nuclear program."

What we got was that nothing got shut down

4. Ending Iran's ballistic missile program

What we got was nothing

5. Finalizing  a 25-year sunset clause

10 year agreement, assuming that one believes that it is enforceable. 



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