Obama's extravagant vacations

The Washington Examiner has a story on the Obama vacations. I would like to know if any other president has made such an expensive vacation trip just for a chance to play golf. I understand why a president who is on vacation might spend time playing golf, but going on a trip just to play golf?

Golf vacation

2013, Feb. 16-18, President Obama flew to Palm Springs, Ca., for three days of golf.
2013, June 26–July 2, Michelle toured African nations with Sasha and Malia after meeting up with president.
2014, March 8-9, the president and first lady traveled to Key Largo, Fla., for a golfing vacation.
2015, Feb. 15-17, President Obama traveled again to Palm Springs for a boys weekend of golf.

How about the first lady taking exotic trips with just her and her children?

2010, August 4-8, Michelle Obama, daughter Sasha and an entourage travel to Spain. Judicial Watch pegged the cost at $467,000
2011, Feb. 19-21, Michelle, Sasha and Malia travel to Vail to ski and hit a restaurant that served pickled pumpkin salad and braised ancho-chile short rib.
2011, March 21-25, Obama, Michelle, Sasha and Malia, on spring break, on a working vacation to Latin America were the girls took in Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue.
2012, Feb. 17-19, Michelle and her daughters traveled to Aspen to ski.
2013, Feb. 15-18, Michelle Obama and her two daughters ski in Aspen, Co.
2014, Feb. 14-17, Michelle Obama with daughters Sasha and Malia for a ski vacation in Aspen, Co.
2014, March 19-26, Michelle Obama, her mom and daughter Sasha and Malia spend a spring break in China.



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