Woman with handgun saves the life of her boyfriend after attacker slashes his throat

From Fox News about an attack on January 17th in Racine County, Wisconsin:
. . . Dale Parker and his girlfriend Danell Hintz know first hand that guns can and do save lives. In the dark of the night on January 17, Parker awoke to the sight of a man standing over him with a knife. The former Marine couldn't do much from his position in bed, but began to fight the vicious intruder right away. 
“I automatically sprung up and started fighting the guy right off the bat. It was fight or die,” 57 year old Parker said. Having served in the Marines and working in an auto shop made him both trained in combat fighting and strong to fend off the attack, but he believes Hintz' actions that night ultimately saved his life. 
A year earlier, Danell Hintz applied for a Concealed Carry Permit and with it, received the proper training to handle the firearm per the Wisconsin DOJ Concealed Weapons License requirements. At first, she woke thinking Parker was having a nightmare, but after realizing he was under attack, she immediately reached for the handgun on her nightstand. 
“I didn’t think I just grabbed the gun,” Hintz said. She pointed the firearm at the intruder, but Parker was in her way, still fending off the attack and bleeding profusely from the large gash across his throat. . . .



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