Homeowner shots to death home invader, defends pregnant fiancé

This might not have gone as smoothly as one would want, but against two robbers it isn't clear what other option this many had.  From TheIndyChannel ABC Channel 6:
. . . IMPD [Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department] officers were called to a residence on the 3100 block of East 10th Street at 10:23 p.m. Sunday on a report of shots fired. 
The caller reportedly told police they had shot someone who attempted to rob them.
Officers arrived on scene to find an unidentified male with apparent gunshot wounds.
Homicide detectives said the suspect forced his way into the victim's apartment, pulled his gun and disarmed the would-be victim. But the victim and his pregnant fiancé wrestled the gun back and shot the suspect. 
The suspect, identified as Dequan Cummings, of Indianapolis, was pronounced dead at the scene. . . . 
Meanwhile, police are looking for second robbery suspect. Because of the death of the other suspect, the second suspect will face felony murder charges when captured, RTV6's Jack Rinehart reported. . . .



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