Gun control advocates attack American Hero Chris Kyle

What could possibly justify these vicious comments?  Will gun control advocates keep this movie from "the Oscar spotlight"?  From Fox Nation:
. . . The Washington-based Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has given critics of the upcoming movie a Facebook outlet to rant about the subject of the movie, sniper Chris Kyle, killed after the leaving the military and while he was at a gun range with a vet suffering from PTSD. 
“Good Riddance,” wrote one. “What goes around comes around,” sneered another. 
Kyle is an American hero, a sniper so effective in Iraq that terrorists put a bounty on his head. But the movie is a liberal’s nightmare and the anti-gun coalition’s supporters have been eager to condemn it and keep it out of the Oscar spotlight. . . .
Chris Kyle's widow has her reaction to the new movie here



Blogger August said...

Many of us who are quite free market also happen to think this man was not an American hero. He murdered people for the U.S. government in a war where we would be safer had our leaders not determined to do this thing at all.
We never achieve our supposed objectives, we only reap more chaos, which leads me to believe chaos must be the goal.

1/13/2015 9:42 AM  

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