St. Louis: Jewelry Store Owner Uses Gun to stop three armed men

Here is a dramatic story from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
. . . Police said there were three men, and that they had entered Robinson Jewelry Co. at 6497 Chippewa Street to rob the store. One man, wearing military fatigues with his face uncovered, waited to be buzzed in, Leyshock said. When he did, he jumped the counter with his arm covering his face. The men were armed with two handguns and a rifle, and one of them smashed a display case, he said. 
But the owner somehow escaped from the store, fired his own gun outside, and the men fled. They didn’t escape with any jewelry, police said. 
“With the shots fired, they didn’t want to stick around to see what else he was selling,” Leyshock said. 
Police said it was not clear if any of the suspects had been shot. Blood was found in the car, but a suspect may have been cut by the shattered display case, Leyshock said. . . . .
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Blogger Alexander Korchagin said...

I hope you'll like a story from Germany, Moers-Repelen. There also two man tried to rod jewelry store. But that's one of the few category of german citizens that allowed to carry concealed. One robber shot and killed, another one wanted.

12/23/2014 8:30 AM  

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