Dramatic story where burglary victims catch criminals two days after crime, concealed carry

Two days after their home was robbed, victims of a home break-in catch the alleged burglars and held them at gunpoint until authorities could arrive.  Both the wife and husband of the family that caught the criminals appear to be concealed carry permit holders.  From WBRC Channel 6 TV in Warrior, Alabama:
. . . A home surveillance system captured video of the suspects breaking into the Wyatt family home on Gobbler Knob Road on Friday afternoon. 
The surveillance video shows a woman knocking on the family's home. 
When no one answered, a male accomplice kicked the door open. The woman and two men helped themselves to two TVs and several of the family's Christmas presents, including gifts for their 1-year old-son. 
The three suspects then drove away in a black Ford Ranger pickup truck.Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies responded to the Wyatts' home around 9:30 p.m. Friday to investigate the burglary. 
Two days later, around 4 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 14, deputies investigated a second burglary, this one in the 1600 block of New Bethel School Road. 
The victim said someone forced open the door to his home and stole a computer monitor, trumpet, knife collection and jewelry, according to Chief Deputy Randy Christian. 
While deputies were still on the scene investigating the second burglary, the Wyatts called the sheriff's office to say they had found the suspects who broke into their home and were holding them at gunpoint. . . . 
Fox News has a discussion here.

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Blogger Greg said...

Another demonstration of why it is so important that we, law-abiding citizens, are able to protect ourselves, our families, and our homes.

Congratulations to the Wyatts for having their concealed carry permits and using them in a thoughtful, controlled, reasonable response. They demonstrate that when people are properly trained they help law enforcement and their neighbors.

No doubt they saved the holidays for a lot of future theft victims targeted by these Grinches.

12/19/2014 5:42 PM  

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