This is just too funny: Communists don't want to let people vote because popular vote would give poor too much power

From the WSJ:
Speaking in an interview with foreign media, Mr. Leung reiterated that the student demand for direct input from the public on candidates for the city’s top post was impossible. He said using a nominating committee as required by Beijing gives representation to a wide range of groups.
He warned that if candidates were nominated by the public, the population that earns less than the median monthly salary of $1,800 could dominate the process.
“If it’s entirely a numbers game and numeric representation, then obviously you’d be talking to the half of the people in Hong Kong who earn less than $1,800 a month,” Mr. Leung said.
Hong Kong has one of the world’s biggest wealth gaps and some of the world’s highest property prices, factors that have increased the frustration of young people. . . .

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Blogger Fyathyrio said...

Meanwhile, back in America... http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/10/17/seattle-socialist-party-wants-20-per-hour-minimum-wage-offers-13-per-hour-for/?intcmp=obinsite

10/23/2014 2:14 AM  
Blogger August said...

Which makes the Chinese Communist party seem pretty reasonable. America has gone downhill since they decided to let people who don't own property vote. It sounds like they are trying to preserve Hong Kong's capitalist structure.

10/23/2014 9:36 AM  

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