Liberal Politico slaps Obama over pushing back amnesty for illegal immigrants until after the election

Will voters realize that Obama is just delaying amnesty until after the when voters can punish him for amnesty?  It is hard to believe that this trick could really protect Democrats from any fallout, but Obama is sure going to try.  From Politico:
President Barack Obama has one person to blame for looking indecisive, dithering and cowed by bungled political calculations: Barack Obama. 
He’s the one, after all, who strode into the Rose Garden on June 30 to announce that America couldn’t wait forever on immigration reform and pledging to move forward with a set of executive actions “before the end of summer.” He’s the one who spent that afternoon lighting into Republicans in Congress for punting and punting and punting again. 
Now he’s the one punting. 
Obama, appearing on “Meet the Press,” attributed his decision to punt immigration reform action until after Election Day to making “sure that the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted,” or “getting all our ducks in a row,” on the legal side and needing to spend some more time explaining himself to the American public. . . .



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