New Tennessee law allows loaded guns in vehicles without requiring concealed handgun permits

From WJHL TV in Johnson City, Tennessee:
No permit necessary that's the new law for people in Tennessee who want to carry a loaded gun in their car.
The law took effect July 1st and is an extension of the castle doctrine, that's the law that allows home owners to have guns on their own property.
Proponents of the legislation area saying a person’s car is an extension of their home.
"I have no problem with the law I voted for it and I think if you're a law abiding citizen as with many other issues in our country the government needs to stay out of your business and let you carry that constitutionally guaranteed weapon," said State Representative Tony Shipley.
Law enforcement opinions vary across the state.
But the Washington County Tennessee Sheriff's Office agrees with the legislation.
"We will do whatever state legislator and what the law states and says for us to do. And as of right now it's a new law there are some people from the other end of the state that do not agree with the law but we're comfortable with it," said Washington County Captain Bryan Horton.
As for traffic stops while some have safety concern, Horton said for their department, nothing will change. . . .



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Is it legal in Tennessee for me to ride my motorcycle with my ar15 on my back loaded

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