Ann Coulter and Ted Nugent's reading level of their tweets higher than WaPo's Greg Sargent or NYT's David Leonhardt

A measure of reading level of tweets is available here.  Some amusing comparisons are here.  Possibly the level that people write at might be one very rough measure of intelligence.  With actor Jim Carrey juvenile humor, it probably isn't too surprising that his tweets are at a 3rd grade level.  Or that Kanye West tweets at the 4th grade level.  But it is more interesting to compare some political commentators.  Ann Coulter is at the 8th grade level of reading, but the Washington Post's Greg Sargent is at 3rd grade.  Fox News has a higher level of posts than CNN, CBS, and NBC, but the same as MSNBC.  I have looked at a number of columnists at the Washington Post and they are usually at the 7th grade level of reading, again a little below Coulter and the same as Ted Nugent's.  Both also score higher than the WaPo's Greg Sargent, NYT's David Leonhardt, or Justin Wolfers.

Of course, at least over some range, some could argue that being able to make more complicated ideas simpler is actually more difficult.  I am not sure if this could explain a 3rd grade level of reading, but I am open to a discussion.



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