Shocking: the Obama administration's tries to personally destroy reputations of soldiers who served with Bergdahl

Megyn Kelly has a great segment over at Fox (available here).  After the Obama administration referred to Bergdahl as a hero who had served with distinction, six soldiers who served with Bergdahl, some who had been his friends, spoke out to correct the record.  The Obama administration's response: accuse them of not knowing what they were talking about, of "swift boating" Bergdahl, and finally describing them as psychopaths.  Doesn't everyone think that this goes too far when the Obama administration engages in the politics of personal destruction against soldiers who did risk their lives and served honorably in Afghanistan?  As someone whose son did serve in Afghanistan in the army, I find this attack by the Obama administration of our service men one of the most troubling things that I have ever seen by them.  No political attack seems out of bounds for the Obama administration.

Another discussion of the Obama administration "slimming" those soldiers who served with Bergdahl is available here.  Here is a discussion of a woman who lost her son when he was searching for Bergdahl.

More information on recent information that Bergdahl declared jihad in 2010 is available here.



Blogger Unknown said...

Nothing this lawless administration does surprises me any more. They act like self centered children. Obama's NOT brilliant. He was a smooth talking street smart 'C-' student who played the system with the help of Affirmative Action and got his Ivy League "education" in the same way moronic Sheila Jackson Lee graduated from Yale.
This once great nation may be completely destroyed by this "political correctness" and "diversity" nonsense.

6/06/2014 9:46 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

If you can't win the argument, then destroy the opponent. Right?

6/06/2014 4:23 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Typical. If you can't win the argument legitimately, then destroy the opponent. Right?

6/06/2014 4:25 PM  

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