"Mass Shootings Have Long History"

A chart on how deaths from K-12 school shootings has changed over the past 23 years is available here.  From the Discovery Channel:
Although it sounds sadly modern, the account was published in the New York Times more than a century ago.
Dated April 10, 1891, the article described an elderly man firing a shotgun at children playing in front of St. Mary's Parochial School in Newburgh, N.Y.
"None of the children were killed, but several were well filled with lead," the report said.
More than a century earlier, on July 26, 1764, a teacher and 10 students were shot dead by four Lenape American Indians in Greencastle, Penn., in what is considered the earliest known U.S. mass school shooting.
Indeed, killing or trying to kill a mass of people is not a modern phenomenon. For as long as there has been history, there have been gruesome mass murders. . . .



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In one of the links in the discovery article (NEWS: Can Gun Laws Save Lives?), it quotes a researcher: "In the few states with the most comprehensive regulations, Webster said, rates of gun-caused deaths are lowest.

In one study, for instance, he and a colleague found that state policies that prohibited the sale of guns to people who were subject to restraining orders reduced the number of people killed in domestic-violence homicides by 19 percent.

Another study found an estimated 9 percent reduction in gun homicides following a Maryland law that banned a type of handguns, which are cheap, over-represented in crimes and prone to jamming and misfiring. That amounted to about 40 lives saved each year.

And in a California study, rates of violence went down after the implementation of a law that denied the purchase of firearms by people who had already committed violent misdemeanors."

Do you agree?

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