Bill Clinton didn't defend Hillary from narrative that "ultraliberal wife" responsible for debacle of his health care plan

Bill Clinton was urged to fight against against this narrative, but he decline to do so.  From Bloomberg.com:
President Bill Clinton was coached to combat the narrative that his “health-care debacle” was the result of influence from his “ultraliberal wife” and “wonky” elites, according to the fifth batch of Clinton administration documents released by his presidential library. 

White House health adviser Ira Magaziner delivered that advice before Clinton sat down with authors and journalists David Broder and Haynes Johnson on July 17, 1995, to discuss the failure of his health-care plan, which had been championed by then-first lady Hillary Clinton, now a leading prospect for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. 
“Right now, as you know, the First Lady and I and to some extent you, are blamed for the so-called ‘health-care debacle’ by the Washington conventional wisdom,” Magaziner wrote in a memo. 
“You were influenced by your ultraliberal wife and ‘wonky’ old college friend to accept this unwise venture over the objections of most of your advisors,” he wrote of the perceptions about the bill’s demise. “Your presidency, the Democratic Party and any chance of reasonable health reform went down the drain due to this grave error.” 
Magaziner urged Clinton to fight that image in his interview with Broder and Johnson . . .



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