Six people killed, seven wounded in deadly multiple victim public Santa Barbara shooting/stabbing spree

UPDATE: As usual, the initial media news stories got fundamental facts wrong here.  Of particular interest, is that half the people killed here were stabbed to death.  

From Fox News:
A crazed gunman went on a shooting rampage in a popular Santa Barbara student enclave, killing six people and injuring seven others before being found dead in his car, in what authorities said was a “premeditated mass murder.”
Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said early Saturday the person who carried out "this atrocity" was "severely mentally disturbed."
Fox News confirmed that several of the dead were killed at a sorority house.
Brown said that investigators were familiar with a YouTube video titled "Retribution" and were looking into whether the person in the video was linked to the killings, KEYT-TV reported on its website.
In a rambling rant, the young man in the video promises to take revenge on sorority girls who had rejected him over the years. "Tomorrow is a day of retribution," the man in the video says into the camera while sitting in the driver's seat of a luxury car. . . .
Santa Barbara County is essentially a gun-free zone, where only 0.009 percent of the adult population is allowed to carry a permitted concealed handgun for protection (about 30 out of an adult population of 333,000).  The extremely few people allowed to carry are undoubtedly politically well connected individuals who were unlikely to have been in the part of town where this attack occurred.  As we have seen over-and-over again, these multiple victim killers pick out places where they know that there victims aren't going to be able to defend themselves.  After a three judge panel decision earlier this year to strike down San Diego's virtual ban on concealed carry, the full 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is now considering whether to uphold this decision.  One can only hope that their decision comes soon.

UPDATE: As of February 2014, Santa Barbara County had 53 permits out of an adult population of 337,000 -- a rate of 0.016 percent.  The rate was virtually unchanged from 2011.

UPDATE: The killer here repeatedly stab to death by three of his roommates before he shot six people to death.  It also appears that the killer committed suicide.  Those were first ones killed.

3 -- stabbed to death
2 -- shot to death outside sorority
1 -- shot to death outside a delicatessen   

Note that out of Europe today: Jews apparently targeted in shooting at Brussels Jewish Museum: three dead, one seriously wounded

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Blogger Blaine Holzer said...

Another shooting in an area protected by strict "gun control"! The left, of course, will use this as more evidence to "double down" on gun control everywhere else. And, how about a "zero tolerance" for "mental health" issues. Like a life time gun ownership prohibition if you have "ever" seen a "mental health counselor. Can't be too careful!

5/24/2014 3:44 PM  

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