More De Blasio hypocrisy, he cracks down on pedestrian jaywalking and then jaywalks himself

You might remember that right after De Blasio announced his crackdown on traffic safety his car was  seen violating a number of traffic laws (running stop signs, speeding).  This from a guy who when he announced the proposal proclaimed: “We want the public to know that we are holding ourselves to this standard.”

Now De Blasio has done the same with jaywalking.  From the New York Post:
Mayor de Blasio, who has been lecturing about pedestrian safety since he stepped foot in City Hall, strolled across a Brooklyn street against the light Friday in a blatant jaywalking violation.
Hizzoner was gabbing on his old-school flip-phone as he slowly made his way across 11th Street on Sixth Avenue in Park Slope — and his NYPD detail faithfully jaywalked with him.
A Post reporter caught the foot faux pas on video a day after de Blasio’s SUV was filmed blowing through two stop signs in Queens and twice going 15 mph over the speed limit.
A prickly de Blasio went for the walk after punting questions about his lead-footed detail to the NYPD, saying the maneuvers were a matter of police “security protocols.” . . .
It is hard to see what the security claim could be regarding this walking.  In any case, if having De Blasio walk on the streets is a safety risk, possibly he should consider getting a treadmill.



Blogger Kathy said...

I know that this story is about De Blasio but I have a question about jaywalking.
I have seen the hoopla made about the accidents where pedestrians where not at a crosswalk, but how many of those pedestrians were actually crossing the street? Have you seen the stats?

5/11/2014 1:02 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Sorry, Kathy, I wish that I knew the answer but I don't.

5/12/2014 12:33 PM  

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