Obama focuses on mental health but doesn't ask what we do when the screening fails

The Obama administration's push is for further mental health screening.  But many of these mass shooters were seeing psychiatric care and still not identified as showing a "sign of any likely violence either to himself or others."  That was again the case with Ivan Lopez.  The Washington Post reports:
But the Army psychiatrist who last saw Lopez found no “sign of likely violence, either to himself or to others,” McHugh told a Senate panel. . . .
Monday morning quarterbacking is so easy.  What may have been relatively trivial events gain so much more meaning after an attack has occurred. 



Blogger Unknown said...

A person undergoing psychiatric care may display no signs of impending violence one day and ram a car into a crowd of pedestrians the next.

And a person may be a picture of apparently perfect mental health one day and put her kids in the back seat and deliberately drive into a reservoir the next.

And....that's why we have to set some "common sense" controls over the possession of automobiles.

4/07/2014 6:51 AM  

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