Kent County, Michigan Jewelers fend off four robbers who try to rob their store

This seems like an obvious case when you have four robbers where it would be useful to have a sizable magazine in your gun.  From MLive:
For the second time in four years, Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry has thwarted a robbery attempt – this time, apparently leaving at least one of the robbers with gunshot wounds. . . .
Police said two people inside Medawar shot at the robbers, who fled after breaking into a jewelry case. Police believed that at least one suspect had been shot, but that hasn't been confirmed.
Witnesses reported the unnamed victims of the robbery had fired shots at the robbers, injuring at least one of them.  . . . .
During a robbery on Oct. 5, 2010, Paul Medawar secretly called police when robbers came in the store.
That day, he dialed 911 on his office phone, triggering a police response that left robbers rushing out of his store. He spoke briefly to a dispatcher before a robber found him and told him to hang up.
He and his son, David, and a store manager, were told to lie on the floor after he opened a safe containing diamonds. . . .
The robbers fled quickly from that 2010 robbery, then crashed a stolen Jeep into a nearby condominium.
"The police got my (911) call. When the robbers left, the police were outside in the parking lot," Medawar said. . . .

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