20 wounded, 4 severely wounded, in multiple victim stabbing at Pennsylvania high school

Let's assume that they can get rid of guns (which I don't concede), China can attest to the multiple victim knife attacks that they have suffered.  Fortunately, the life of one of those wounded in the knife attack in Pennsylvania was spared by some fast thinking "by applying pressure to the person’s wound."  From Fox News:
Twenty people, including 19 students, were wounded — four seriously — during a stabbing spree early Wednesday at a high school near Pittsburgh and a 16-year-old male student is in custody, authorities say. 
As word of the incident spread and children streamed out of the school, parents told FoxNews.com they were shocked by the attack — and one district official expressed relief that it was carried out with a knife rather than a gun. 
“Nobody’s ever prepared for something like that as a parent,” Matt Provenzo, who had dropped his son, Mark, off at Franklin Regional High School moments after the stabbings, told FoxNews.com. "As he got out of the car, you could see students exiting the building and that the fire alarm was pulled … There were a few students who were visibly upset." . . . 
"Everyone was screaming and people were being trampled over," she told FoxNews.com. "It was a very bad scene. I was very scared. I didn’t know what was happening. I thought it was a drill." . . . .
UPDATE:  The number of injuries is now listed as "at least 24."  From the local CBS station in Pittsburgh:
Westmoreland County updated the victim count late Wednesday evening, saying 24-people had been injured. (21-students stabbed, 1-security guard stabbed, and 2-others injured)
At least five students were critically wounded, including a boy who was on a ventilator after a knife pierced his liver, missing his heart and aorta by only millimeters, doctors said. An injured school officer was discharged. . . .
Witnesses said the boy with the knives at first tackled a freshman and stabbed him in the belly, then got up and ran wildly down the hall, slashing other students. . . .

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