Store owner in Dallas uses gun to protect employees from four armed robbers, 911 operator makes mistake and police didn't respond for hours

This story is from the Fox News station in Dallas, Texas.  This story was originally covered on May 8, 2013.
Four robbers, two of them armed, entered Pepe's Grocery on Bernal Drive in West Dallas. 
The store owner fought back and shot one of them. 
He called 911 but waited for a long time. Police never came so he went home. 
On Sunday night, surveillance cameras from in and outside the store show four men with masks charge in. 
One had an assault rifle. The other had a pistol. 
One smacks an employee in the face then holds the assault rifle to his head as he cowers on the ground. 
A female employee behind the counter is in shock and throws her hands up. . . . .



Blogger Unknown said...

I cannot believe that 911 operator can do such a blunder. They are trained to act fast and accurately. Nowadays we can't count on anyone. Good that the shop owner has the gun. Many lives are saved by him. Hats off!

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3/13/2014 6:47 AM  

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