Negative views on Obama are at record high for AP poll, but his numbers are even worse than they first look

The Washington Post describes the results this way:
Negative views of President Obama have hit a new high, according to a poll.The AP-GfK poll shows 59 percent of Americans now disapprove of Obama -- a point higher than the previous high set in December.
Obama's approval rating stands at 41 percent. That's the second-lowest figure the poll has ever found. . . . .
The media is noting that Obama's approval rating is down to 41% in the new AP poll, but the numbers are even worse when the approval numbers are broken down by strongly, somewhat, and lean approve.  In the last survey in 2012, 29 percent strongly approved of Obama, but now it is down to 14 percent.  For "somewhat" approve over the same time the percent has fallen from 21 to 10 percent.  Where did it go up?  The weakest category of "lean" approve.  That has increased from 7 to 16 percent.  

The increase in the disapproval numbers are a little similar.  While the "strongly disapprove" haven't changed very much, both the lean and somewhat disapprove numbers have both increased.  

To put this another way, as a measure of intensity, changes in the ratio of strongly disapprove to strongly approve can be seen here:

Click on figures to make table larger.



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