Gov. Rick Perry considering decriminalizing marijuana in Texas

KIMMEL: "But I have to say, he will be pleased to know that in January, you said you might possibly favor decriminalizing marijuana in the state of Texas. Is that true? You're thinking about that?"
PERRY: "Well, what we did is for over a decade we've lowered the penalties. I mean, we're trying to be smart about it. You don't want to ruin a kid's life for having a joint. "

More on Perry's interview is available here:
Greeted by a handful of audible boos and jeers, Rick Perry was able to win over the audience when he took the stage during Jimmy Kimmel’s visit to Austin on Tuesday night. As part of a Kimmel’s week-long set of shows in association with South by Southwest, the longest-serving Texas governor chatted with the late-night host about his stance on marijuana legalization, his concealed-carry permit, and his future plans. 
Perry attributed the Austin crowd’s initial harsh reception to the city’s unique character, one that differs from most of the rest of the state; he described Austin as “the blueberry in the tomato soup” that is the state of Texas. He managed to fall into the audience’s good graces later on by touting his support of minimizing penalties for minor drug offenses, his love for Willie Nelson, and recounting the time he jammed with ZZ Top on the drums in concert. 
Kimmel later asked Perry about a reported story that he shot a coyote while jogging, which the governor confirmed. “You jog with a gun?” Kimmel asked. “I do interviews with a gun,” Perry slickly quipped. . . .

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