Evidence that the media doesn't have a clue about guns, claim that "George Zimmerman’s Chilling Firearms Arsenal"

This from Radar Online just shows how little the media understands guns.  Their article on the weapons that police found in Zimmerman's home is almost comical.  Consider these quotes: "RadarOnline.com has learned that he could still be a very dangerous man" or "police uncovered a chilling arsenal of weapons and ammunition inside Zimmerman’s home, the full extent of which has never been pictured — until now."  So what was found?
-One Keltec 12-gauge shotgun 
-One Walther .380 handgun with seven rounds of live ammunition in the magazine 
-One Taurus 9 mm handgun with live rounds in the magazine 
-One Glock 19 handgun with 16 live rounds 
-One AR-15 semi-automatic rifle-Dozens of rounds of ammunition 
-Several gun holsters and bags
Do they understand that a rifle and a shotgun do quite different things?  You would expect any moderately serious gun owner to own both types of guns.  Indeed, it wouldn't be surprising for people to own multiple rifles or shotguns for different purposes.  A 12 gauge shotgun might be good for self defense or hunting, but if you have kids who want to go skeet shooting (e.g., Boy Scouts), you need a shotgun with a lot less kick to it, possibly a 28 gauge.  

Are three types of handguns really excessive?  Different size handguns might be useful depending on whether one is carrying the gun or whether it is for self-defense at home.  You don't want a heavy gun to carry around, but a gun with greater stopping power can be quite desirable.  

As to the ammunition, there were 23 rounds of ammunition for the three handguns.  And dozens for the rifle.  Possibly there is a total of 59 or so rounds.  That isn't enough to make it worthwhile going target shooting.  You would be out of the handgun ammunition in at most just a couple of minutes.

If anything, I am surprised by how few guns and particularly how little ammunition that Zimmerman has

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Blogger Unknown said...

I had way more guns and ammo before I was in high school. If they call that an arsenal I'd love to see what they'd call just the relatively few weapons and ammo that I have currently not in the safe. We won't get into what's in the safe. They couldn't handle that.

3/10/2014 1:48 AM  

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