"Fifth-grader’s ‘finger gun’ suspension stands"

This case is truly bizarre in that the student pointed a "lookalike firearm” at another student in class and pretended to shoot.  The lookalike gun was said to be the 10-year-olds finger.  From the Columbus Dispatch (Columbus, Ohio):
A Columbus schools hearing officer has upheld the suspension of a fifth-grader who pretended his finger was a gun in class.
Nathan Entingh was suspended for three days from Devonshire Elementary School after he pretended to shoot another student. The incident made global news, and Nathan’s suspension was widely criticized as an over-reach of zero-tolerance policies against weapons in schools. The principal said Nathan’s hand had become a “look-alike firearm.”
Yesterday, a hearing officer upheld the suspension but offered to change the offense to committing a “volatile act,” school district spokesman Jeff Warner said. The boy’s grandfather, Bill Entingh, said he turned that down and plans to appeal the ruling to the school board. If that doesn’t work, the family’s next resort will be the courts, he said.
Warner said Bill Entingh is not the boy’s legal guardian and that the district doesn’t recognize his standing to make those decisions. . . .



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Perhaps we should pass laws limiting high capacity booger fingers!

Think of the children!

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