The big increase in support for concealed handgun laws

Patrik Jonsson makes this point in today's Christian Science Monitor:
The view of gun carriers as law-abiding citizens seems to have traction and correlates with increasingly positive public attitudes toward concealed carry. In 1999, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that 73 percent of Americans disapproved of making it easier for people to legally carry concealed weapons. In a Reuters/Ipsos poll last spring, 75 percent favored concealed carry by eligible citizens. . . .
The article also has involved an interview with me.
Arguments for concealed carry 
"I don't argue that there are no problems with [concealed-carry permit holders], but when you look at the data it's pretty hard to find any other group in the population that's as law-abiding as" permitted gun carriers, says John Lott Jr., an economist and gun-rights advocate and author of "More Guns, Less Crime." 
"The type of person who's going to go through the process of getting a concealed-carry permit is not the kind of person you have to worry about," he says. "They're law-abiding citizens who have a lot to lose if they make a mistake." 
Statistics support Mr. Lott's assertion. The number of incidents in which concealed-gun carriers kill innocent people is a fraction of 1 percent of all gun-related homicides. In North Carolina, one of only a handful of states that reveals the identities of permit holders, 200 of the 240,000 concealed carriers (.08 percent) committed felonies of all types, including eight shooting deaths, in the five-year period ending in 2011. This compares with about 2.5 percent of voting-age Americans who have a felony rap sheet, according to The Sentencing Project. . . . 

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Blogger Unknown said...

I really want to get my concealed carry permit, but didn't know what the laws were to it. I've been doing some research online trying to learn more about them, and this really helped. I'm grateful for rights and laws that are there to help protect ourselves and our families.


5/08/2014 2:11 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Is it harder to get a concealed weapons permit now that the government has started to put so many limits on guns? I think it would be hard to get approved for a concealed weapon. I don't really need a weapon, but I bet there are plenty of people who need and can handle having a concealed weapon. http://www.macneilfirm.com

7/26/2014 10:20 AM  

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