So far 33,395 concealed handgun permits have been approved in Illinois, first permits provided in March

From the Peoria Star Journal:
CHICAGO — Police across Illinois have objected to just 236 applications from people seeking to carry concealed weapons out of 33,631 submitted to the state police.The Chicago Sun-Times reported Friday that a state licensing board will consider objections within 30 days of a police department filing one. The board has a former judge, two former prosecutors, three former FBI agents and a psychiatry professor.The first licenses to carry concealed weapons could be issued by spring, the (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald reported Friday. . . .
There were about 9.5 million adults over 21 years of age in Illinois in 2012.  For 33,395 permit holders, that represents only 0.35 percent of the adult population.  This change is so far extremely small.  In addition, with it costing $650 to $700 to get the license and training, few of the people who would benefit the most from owning guns for protection, poor blacks who live in high crime urban areas, will go get a permit.  It isn't just that few people are getting permits, but also that it is the people who are most likely to use them aren't getting them.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Here in Chicago, our overwhelmingly Democrat politicians, from Rahm Emanuel down to the lowest ward boss, will do everything they can to complicate, obfuscate and restrict concealed carry permits, despite legal judgements, state law, federal law and the Constitution itself.

I get the impression these folks don't like guns much. It never seems to occur to them that the appalling murder rate in Chicago has more to do with inner city gangs than it does with the 2nd Amendment. As far as I know, no gun in the city's history has come to life and gone hunting all by itself for somebody to shoot.

2/04/2014 11:10 AM  

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