Father holds man found in his daughter's bedroom at gunpoint

A 63-year-old found hiding in bedroom with 7-year-old had three previous arrests for indecent exposure.  The intruder was held at gun-point by the father until the police arrived.  From News 13 in Ocala, Florida:
Marion County Sheriff’s deputies said a father’s quick thinking kept a shocking situation from getting worse after a man was found in his 7-year-old daughter’s bedroom.
After returning home from a birthday dinner Friday night, the Smith family came home to quite a surprise when they walked into their Ocala home and headed into their daughter McKenzie's room to get her ready for bed.
"This scary, he was freaky looking man just peered out and it was like ‘whoa. What are you doing in my daughter's bedroom,’” the girl's mother said.
Deputies said 63-year-old Paul Matheny was found hiding under blankets.
Jesse Smith grabbed his Glock when he heard his daughter and wife screaming.
"I immediately got my gun and went there and got them out of the room,” Smith said.
He held Matheny at gunpoint until deputies arrived. . . . .



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