"California homeowner foils home invasion attempt by firing shotgun, police say"

From Fox News:
A California homeowner foiled an attempted home invasion Thursday when she grabbed her shotgun and fired near the suspects.
Police say two males broke into a home nearby and were able to steal a few items before targeting the 59-year-old’s home.
Carla, who did not provide reporters with her last name, told MyFoxLA.com that she woke up when her dog started barking.
She said she saw one man in her backyard and another waiting by the car. Carla’s 90-year-old mother was also inside the home at the time, MyFoxLA.com reported.
Dressed in her nightgown, Carla grabbed her shotgun and fired at the ground near one of the suspects.
“Hopefully this is going to tell these guys you know, I’m not a sitting duck,” she told MyFoxLA.com. "I've got a gun and I know how to use it," she said.  . . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a resident of California, with its crazed gun control mentality, I particularly enjoy seeing California-based accounts of law-abiding citizens protecting themselves.

But this one makes me wonder; perhaps John or someone with knowledge of California law might chime in:

Apparently this citizen fired from inside her home to the outside. I assume strangers on her property technically were trespassing, but (1) had she injured or killed one of them (intentionally or not), what might her liability be? and (2) was she breaking California law by firing a warning shot?

2/09/2014 1:34 PM  

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