Are Domino's Pizza Delivery Workers Robbed more frequently than other deliverymen?

This story is all too typical.  From the Fox affiliate in Orlando, Florida.
The Flagler County Sheriff's Office is investigating the robbery of a Domino's pizza delivery driver Sunday afternoon in Palm Coast. 
The driver told deputies she got lost trying to make her way to Belle Terre Parkway, and instead found herself on Powder Hill Drive where she saw two men and asked for directions.  
Investigators say one of the men approached her car and lifted his shirt to show a handgun and began demanding money from her. 
Officials say one of the suspects fired a shot into her vehicle hitting LCD screen on the radio in the center console as the victim tried to drive away. . . . 
Yet, Domino's pizza deliverymen can't carry a permitted concealed handgun for protection. The question is whether other delivery services allow delivery people to carry guns and what is the robbery rate that they face.

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Blogger Jim Macklin said...

Just about all corporate pizza and other retail businesses forbid having any employee armed because they don't know how many millions an accidental wounding of an innocent bystander. They can know to the penny what a dead employee cost and that is just an ordinary business expense.
The states must write a law that a company is not liable for damages caused by an employee unless the company requires or provides a firearm.
Jim Macklin Wichita www.ksccw.com

2/14/2014 11:04 AM  
Blogger MississippiJarhead said...

When a worker is robber or harmed because they were disarmed by their employer they should have grounds for a lawsuit.

2/17/2014 8:11 AM  

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