New concealed handgun reciprocity bill introduced in the US Senate

This bill has been before the Senate before, and except for games being played by Democratic Senators (who would say that they supported the bill only to vote against it at the last moment) it would have gotten the 60 votes required in the past to pass it.  A copy of the bill is shown here (click on the bill to make the text larger):



Blogger Paul Eskildsen said...

Section 2 paragraph 1 seems to say that if a person has a government ID and CCW permit from any state, even if he doesn't reside in the issuing state, is entitled to reciprocity in all other states. Do you read it this way? If I reside in CA and obtain a permit from ID (which does issue to non-residents), does this entitle me to carry in CA?

1/20/2014 7:50 PM  

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