Important oral arguments before Supreme Court tomorrow, decision in Harris V. Quinn could dramatically help disabled and elderly

From The Hill newspaper:
Labor unions see the legal challenge as another attempt to weaken their influence and warn the disabled and elderly could pay a heavy price.  “This is what they are trying to do: weaken the union,” said Flora Johnson, executive chairwoman of SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana. “Unions will survive but the people with disabilities and other medical disorders, they might never recover. That is why we are fighting.” The case hinges on a Supreme Court precedent that says government employees who work at union workplaces must pay fees for collective bargaining representation, but not for the union’s political activity. 
If the justices rule that home care workers in Illinois are independent contractors rather than state employees, that could allow workers to opt of union representation and cut back on unions' sway. . . .
It is actually pretty amazing that unions are seriously claiming that they are helping out the customers of their services.  Unions raise wages and generally lower quality.  They raise wages by restricting the number of people in the profession.  Quality declines as unionized workers are very difficult to fire.

So how do you think the disabled and the elderly would like lower costs and increased quality for the services that they need?



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