Gallup: Uninsured Americans by a 59-to-39 percent margin had a negative experience with Obamacare exchanges in December

If you think a 59-to-39 percent margin for the uninsured who have visited the Obamacare website is bad, the uninsured by a 29-to-7 percent margin were more likely to have a very negative experience than a very positive one.  Just as bad, only 26% of uninsured Americans say that they have even visited a health insurance exchange website.

Combine this with an earlier poll, and one would think that insurance coverage will increase.  In early December Gallup reported that 25 percent of uninsured will stay that way.

The big problem that I have with Gallup is that they keep making the claim about the fine for not being insured.  No one really has to pay that fine if they are simply decrease the amount that is deducted from their paychecks for income tax withholding.



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