Fox News Poll: 74 percent of Americans say US still in recession

As President Obama starts his sixth year in office, his job ratings remain near record lows and more voters think his policies have hurt rather than helped the economy.  And even as voters continue to hold mostly negative views on the economy and the direction of the country, a new Fox News poll finds they see some improvement. 
A third of voters say they like both Obama and his policies -- a dramatic drop from 47 percent who felt that way in October 2012.  In addition, 62 percent now say they dislike the president’s policies, up from 51 percent the month before his re-election. 
Voters aren’t impressed with Obama’s economic policies:  while 27 percent think they’ve helped, a 40-percent plurality says they’ve hurt the economy.  And another 33 percent don’t think the president’s policies have made much difference either way. . . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These polls are interesting, but until the Republicans stop obsessing over things that the rest of us don't care about, they won't win national elections. And even then they will have trouble.

Gay rights and gay marriage. Old farts care. No one else does.

Most Americans think that the government should stay out of questions of abortion. Republicans disagree. (Mike Huckabee notwithstanding, this lets the Left paint Repubs as waging a war against women's rights. And they are somewhat correct. Whatever happened to individual liberty and individual responsibility?)

And it would be nice if Republicans could stop fighting the War on (some) Drugs. Talk about government waste and erosion of individual liberty. Or, do the Repubs even remember the 4th Amendment?

Then there is the NSA turning this country into a large-sized-version of the old East Germany. Oh, but that would mean individual liberty might have to trump government power.

The Republicans aren't interested in small government any more than the Democrats. They just choose a different set of controls.

1/23/2014 9:26 PM  

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