Politico spins gun control debate positively for gun control advocates

Politico says that renewing the plastic gun ban is a "small gain" for gun control efforts.  I actually think that gun control advocates are making gains, but not in terms of the issues that this piece at Politico is looking at.  The article in Politico is entitled: "Gun control efforts must settle for small gains."
The Republican House version of the bill, which would renew the law with no additional provisions, passed the chamber on a voice vote Tuesday afternoon — meaning no roll call was taken to provide a list of who had supported or opposed the measure. 
But the Democratic-controlled Senate is where things get complicated. . . . 
New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the No. 3 Democratic leader, will likely attempt on Monday to pass a more comprehensive bill, one that requires a piece of metal to be permanently attached to guns to prevent them from becoming undetectable by removing their metallic parts. Republicans are expected to object to Schumer’s move, meaning he wouldn’t be able to secure a vote before the current law expires. The Democratic strategy appears to be a messaging effort to push the GOP to articulate its opposition. 
Ultimately, the Senate is expected to just swallow the House version. . . .



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