Obama uses Newtown anniversary to call for more gun control

So much for keeping politics out of the events today.  From Obama's weekly presidential address:
. . . Over the past year, their voices have sustained us.  And their example has inspired us – to be better parents and better neighbors; to give our children everything they need to face the world without fear; to meet our responsibilities not just to our own families, but to our communities.  More than the tragedy itself, that’s how Newtown will be remembered.  
And on this anniversary of a day we will never forget, that’s the example we should continue to follow.  Because we haven’t yet done enough to make our communities and our country safer.  We have to do more to keep dangerous people from getting their hands on a gun so easily. . . .
Even the Washington Post described Obama's address this way: "Obama marks Newtown anniversary with call for action on gun control"

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