Newest Fox News piece: "NFL hypocrisy -- Bloomberg anti-gun ads ok but ad about ‘protection’ is banned?"

My newest op-ed piece at Fox News starts this way:
New York City Mayor and gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg sure knows how to get his way. 
This week the NFL, after featuring anti-gun ads during the last two Super Bowls, it decided that an ad offering the opposite point of view in the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2 was just too much.  
The NFL turned down an ad from a company called "Daniel Defense" which sells guns and outdoor gear that discussed "personal protection and fundamental rights."  It featured a former Marine talking his family's safety, noting that he is ultimately responsible for their protection.  
Unlike Bloomberg’s ads, the "Daniel Defense" ad never even mentions the word "gun," just the concept of personal protection.  
The very end of the initial version of the ad did show the company's logo, a picture of a gun. But this wasn't the stumbling block, as the company told the NFL that it would happily to remove the logo and replace it with a picture of an American flag.  
Still the NFL found that unacceptable. . . .

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