California Obamacare exchange sharing people's personal data without their permission

If a private company were to do this, they would get into a lot of legal trouble.  From Fox News:
The California health exchange has admitted it has been divulging contact information for tens of thousands of consumers to insurance agents without their permission or knowledge in an effort to hit deadlines for coverage. 
Covered California said it was handing out consumer information as part of a pilot program to help people enroll ahead of a Dec. 23 deadline to have health insurance in place by the new year, according to the Los Angeles Times. The consumers in question had gone online to research insurance options, but didn't ask to be contacted. 
Social Security numbers, income and other information were not provided to the agents, but names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses were made available, exchange officials said. 
The names provided by Covered California include people who started an insurance application on the website but didn't complete the process. . . .



Blogger Doug Huffman said...

Somewhere in the blogosphere is the observation, with a screenshot supporting, that Obamascare makes notice of the surrender of HIPPA benefits, that clients have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

12/09/2013 6:44 AM  
Blogger Dorinda said...

They are not just sharing information with insurance agents they are sharing information with other organizations like Jobtomic.com. This happened to my sister. Jobtomic called within hours of her trying to register with the California Obamacare exchange. Clearly, the government is sharing the personal information of everyone going on to its site.

5/22/2014 4:26 PM  

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